Jenny Asuka is mother of Torajirou Asuka. She is a very outgoing woman (at least for Japanese habits).

Her son calls her by name, while she calls him with the diminutive of "Tora". Jenny loves telling the story of how she met her husband Ryutaro .


Jenny is probably born in London or anyway in England. One afternoon he enters a London tea shop and meets Ryutaro Asuka . Soon the two get married and Jenny takes the surname Asuka; we do not know what his maiden name was. The couple moved to Japan, the country of Ryutaro. They have a son, Torajiro, born in 2005.

When Leviathan materializes in the Real World and launches the program for the transformation of humanity into applications, Jenny finds herself together with Ryutaro and both are reduced to a set of data and sent to the Dark Web . S8Ep51 After the end of Leviathan Jenny and all other human beings return to normal.